Academy of Sleep and Consciousness ASC

CAS in Sleep, Consciousness and Related Disorders

The program contains four modules and offers a variety of efficient learning methods, such as classroom lectures, seminars and online distance learning in order to support the  knowledge transfer and to ensure a stimulating learning environment.
The course also offers opportunities for reflection and discussion, content and structure of the course take into consideration needs and wishes of the participants. The participant’s professional knowledge and experience will constitute part of the teaching and learning process.

English is the official language of tuition.


Sleep Medicine Summer School

Deepens the basic clinical knowledge on the main sleep disorders and provides further in-depths expertise in managing the diagnosis and treatment of disorders. The Summer School 2021 is the 6th edition of a well consolidated course with great success in the past, formerly known as the Alpine Sleep Summer School and will be held in Europe for one entire week in Summer 2021.

The module will combine theoretical lessons in the mornings, case discussions, and practical exercises in the afternoons.

Courses / Key Topics

  • Physiology and chronobiology
  • Insomnia and circadian disorders
  • Hypersomnia and neurological sleep disorders
  • Movement disorders and parasomnia and epilepsy
  • Respiratory disorder


Duration: 75-90 hours
Credits: 3 ECTS
Location: Grenoble, France, from July 5th to July 9th 2021
Exams: Multiple-choice



Lecture series / e-learning

Provides basic insight into sleep and consciousness in a self-study mode. It analyzes and explains the definition of sleep, sleep regulation, as well as how sleep, vigilance and circadian rhythms can be assessed.

This first module will be accessible online.

Duration: 50-60 hours of self-study
Credits: 2 ECTS
Location: Self-Study
Exams: The examination will consist in multiple-choice questions. Students are required to pass in order to gain access to the next lectures.

Sleep Science Winter School

Deepens the understanding of the basic scientific know-how and addresses more advanced scientific topics such as regulation and function of sleep, circadian rhythms of sleep, and methods of sleep/consciousness research.

The lectures seminar will be held in Europe over the course of 4 days.

Courses / Key lectures

  • The regulation of sleep
  • The function of sleep
  • Circadian rhythms
  • Sleep and consciousness
  • Methods in sleep research - basic
  • Methods in sleep research - human


Duration: 50-60 hours of self-study
Credits: 2 ECTS
Location: Europe, planned in Q1 2022
Exams: Multiple choice


CAS Thesis

Consists in 75–90 hours (3 ECTS) dedicated to research and writing a CAS thesis. It provides therefore the know-how of systematical literature research (systematic reviews) and the quantative and qualitative summarising of existing studies. The student will also learn how to read scientific literature and will be capable to understand and summarize it. A pool of topics and mentors will be provided to the students; nevertheless, every student is free to choose a topic and a specialist in the field of sleep medicine, subject to approval by the CAS program lead.

It is highly recommended to choose a comparative thesis.


Duration: 75-90 hours
Credits: 3 ECTS
Location: Self-Study
Exams: CAS Thesis